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"At first I was skeptical, but in daily flow it has paid off" - Dirk H. Zipprich, dentist

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Why does a practical operator opts for the HD 450 and how he evaluated the daily use? What is his resumé? - We spoke with a dentist Dirk H. Zipprich from Aschaffenburg.

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Dirk H. Zipprich since 1999 working as a dentist in Aschaffenburg . He has many years experience in specializing in microscopic dentistry , endodontics and implantology . As one of the few dentist in Germany, he relies on accurate diagnosis under the dental microscope - for maximum precision and virtually pain- free procedure. In addition to his involvement in various scientific organizations is Dirk H. Zipprich international speaker for Endotonie , implantology and practical organization .

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Dentist Dirk H. Zipprich about Themodesinfektor HD 450 IC Medical:

Mr. Zipprich what requirements must a thermodisinfector in your practice meet?
Dirk H. Zipprich: With us two factors come together: extremely many instruments - we are a doctor and three dental hygienists - and little space for preparation. With our old equipment, we simply no longer came by. So I searched for a solution which is space-saving and powerful at the same time.

... And that's why you have then acquired two devices?
Dirk H. Zipprich: Exactly. The two are mounted in the hygiene area above the other and can be controlled with an external control element. While this is a device in operation, the other is filled, always alternating. A great relief for the whole team. The HD 450 is the only thermo who works with tabs.

How was the transition to this principle?
Dirk H. Zipprich: At first I was skeptical, but in daily flow has more than proven. Besides, it is very pleasant not to have to handle with large chemical canisters and tubing systems.

Where do you see the greatest advantage of the device?
Dirk H. Zipprich: The HD 450 is like an iPhone: self-explanatory. The processes follow a logic that is immediately apparent.

That all sounds pretty positive to ...
Dirk H. Zipprich: My staff and I are very satisfied; I myself have made colleague when quality circles attention. But of course is not always smooth. One of the devices had teething problems initially, but since we got good and fast support. Meanwhile, the operation of the two HD 450 runs without restrictions.

Finally, a conclusion, please, Mr. Zipprich.
Dirk H. Zipprich: The HD 450 is a compact, powerful device that I can only recommend; IC Medical convinced with flexibility and willingness to serve - an innovative problem solver for the dental practice.

HD450 Product video

Our product video gives you the thermodisinfectors the HD 450 series clearly and comprehensively before:

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Thermodisinfector HD 450 in the press:

Hamburger Zahnärzteblatt, issue 6/2013: Good flushed is half the battle?

The new policy of the Robert Koch Institute for the reprocessing of medical devices demands a thermodisinfector (RDG) for many practices.

The following article from the Hamburg Zahnärzteblatt, issue 6/2013 is to considerations thermodisinfectors RDG and compares clearly in tabular form various thermodisinfectors different manufacturers with one another. This neutral comparison provides information on the list prices of thermodisinfectors and deals with the peculiarities of the different devices. Even our Thermodisinfector HD 450 / HD 450 Injection can be found described in detail in this presentation.

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