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Firmware update IC Keys HT 300

Firmware Update IC Keys HT 300

Identify firmware version

How to check the software version of your keyboard!

Install firmware

  1. Download the appropriate file for your computer
  2. Remove the radio receiver (dongle)
  3. Remove the batteries/rechargeable batteries in the keyboard
  4. Connect the keyboard to your computer using the included USB cable
  5. Start the program
  6. You will now be guided through the installation
  7. After the update, check the software version again

Firmware Download

Decide which version you need based on your computer!
Download the file to your computer and run it.

New features in version V2.6.511 (as of 07/05/2013)

  • Internal optimizations
  • Improvements in stability

IC Keys Firmware for 32-bit Computers

IC Keys Firmware for 64-bit computers

IC Keys Firmware for Itanium Computers