WaterDemin 550

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With the WaterDemin 550, all salts contained in tap water are removed through complete desalination and their deposits on your instruments are prevented.
The lifespan of your thermodisinfector and your instruments is significantly extended. This saves repair costs and time.


Capacity' at a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH
(0% waste)
Capacity' at a total hardness of 10 °dH
(0% waste)
5.000 l
max. operating pressure 6 bar
Water inlet temperature 4 - 60 °C
Flow at 1 bar pressure loss 850l/h
Nominal flow 300l/h
Pressure loss at nominal flow 0.45 bar
Dimensions (height/width) 550/288 mm
Weight (dry/wet) 18/24 kg
Connections (input/output) G 1"/G 3/4"
Operating situation Horizontal und vertical
Technical Details

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